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FOUNDATION FEPA (Fources Andducative Pnow Integración Social) It is a nonprofit organization that seeks acompañar institutions, communities and social organizations through participatory approaches to values ​​education, to strengthen the positive Coexistence.

The Foundation is made up of an interdisciplinary team of professionals that develop in different educational and research institutions, we work for promote basic values ​​through innovation practices strengthening ties.

As part of our Communal Coexistence Program, We develop training activities on best practices for coexistence officials, Educators, teams and institutions concerned.

We present an approach to Social Responsibility based on a commitment to managing positive impacts both within organizations and in their relationship with the environment.


Bringing companies the ability to build good practices Coexistence, from performing a workflow within the organization and its complement by supporting a similar approach in an institution in their community. (The company will be able to provide building activity good communication practices to a school, grassroots organization or neighborhood with its participation in the project).

We develop resources for the continued construction of effective communication, practical and dynamic, generating a positive impact on teamwork and results.

Work in the Organization

General objective

Incorporate models and tools that encourage collaborative work environments that allow harmony sustainable development of the organization.

Specific goal

Create an environment of trust and security so that each person can express question from resulting in the generation of bonds of commitment.


TRAINING IN COMMUNITY LIVING TOGETHER: Communication skills. Nonviolent language. Cooperative work. Conflict Resolution. Learning in Diversity. Social responsability.

Dynamic: Workshops with social skills' Dates and times will be agreed jointly with the organization.

Our Supporters

Google Ad Grants. Foundation FEPA has received a grant from Google Ad Grants program supports organizations that non-authorized organization that share the philosophy of community service to Google in order to provide assistance at the global level in areas such as science and technology, formation, global public health, the environment, the youth advocacy and the arts. Google Ad Grants is a species advertising program which provides free online advertising to non-profit organizations through Google AdWords.

Flechabus Foundation. Foundation FEPA It has signed an agreement with the Foundation Flechabus to access substantial discounts on transport services.

Ecoexist. Foundation FEPA He has received a donation in kind of signature Ecoexist for generating institutional material for the Global Programme of Coexistence.

Ecomanagement. Foundation FEPA He has received a grant of allowances signature Ecogestión for Coexistence Programme Management Community.

Collaborate with Foundation FEPAIS

We invite institutions to make contributions in cash or kind to support our Positive Coexistence.

Donations to the foundation are tax deductible Income according to Article 81 inc. c) paragraph 4, of the Law on Income Tax.

For more information on the possibilities of working with us contact: