FEPAIS founding member of RACI

//FEPAIS founding member of RACI

Since 31 August 2015, FUNDACIÓN FEPAIS es nuevo miembro de RACI.

The Argentina Network for International Cooperation (RACI) is an organization made up 99 Civil Society Organizations (OSC) of Argentina that seeks to be a link between CSOs working or to do so in support of the International Cooperation and International Cooperation agents that perform social development investment in the country. Su objetivo principal es generar un espacio de intercambio y diálogo entre ambos actores para fortalecer a las instituciones en el acceso a la Cooperación Internacional y, in this way, contribute to the social transformation of Argentina.

Through their areas and programs, la Red colabora con el fortalecimiento institucional de las Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil (OSC) through seminars, workshops, lectures and debates to develop new resources and capabilities that facilitate access to International Cooperation. Among the tools it gives civil society, are various research and publications on trends and statistics on international aid as the Manual for easy access a la Cooperación Internacional – Una herramienta de fortalecimiento para las organizaciones de la sociedad civil, the Directory of International Cooperation - A resource guide for civil society and Information System Development Cooperation - SICAD.

RACI considers formed as an integrated organizations with a heterogeneous network is enriching response to a comprehensive approach to the problems of the country. This favors CSOs resulting beneficiaries of resources and, at the same time, they can maintain the sustainability of programs that develop. Networking is key to enhance the impact of actions in the country.

Among its main objectives, RACI busca democratizar el acceso a las fuentes de recursos, generate and disseminate information on assistance from abroad, develop and optimize the capacities and resources of CSOs, and, at the same time, se propone colaborar con los Agentes de la Cooperación Internacional para la optimización de sus acciones y la búsqueda de soluciones a las diversas problemáticas.

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