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Education is a global process of society and, as such, a basic tool of creation and regeneration of culture. And it is this last, culture, mindset and operate, allowing people actively and critically placed worldwide, living in it and transforming your human measure. A measure which should be equal for everyone through a democratic form of social organization. Think the relationship between school, culture and life project idea is to assume the pedagogical and institutional practice associated with the contexts of belonging of children and adolescents and aimed at the creation of ties of belonging among these, school and their families.

The Culture of Peace is a long attempt woven throughout history, through which wires has been formed, partially, a way of organizing the world, based on the fundamental right to learn to live together and learn to build for the common good. It is defined as the set of values, attitudes, traditions, behaviors and lifestyles that inspire a creative and constructive way of relating to reach, from a holistic and imperfect vision of peace, the harmony of man with himself, with others and with nature.