It came Positive Coexistence Community program to Capilla del Monte and Maquinista Savio

//It came Positive Coexistence Community program to Capilla del Monte and Maquinista Savio

The 28 October, in the Municipality of Capilla del Monte -province of Córdoba-, FEPAIS Foundation presented the program Positive Community Life consists of three projects; Community Environmental Promoters and Trainers Trainer Eco-living (both with axis in ecology and coexistence), and the project Community Development Gender Perspective (with social axis and coexistence).

The initiative has been developing since 2014 in the province of Córdoba, It is its first destination the city of Villa Giardino and later, Huerta Grande, currently expanding to Capilla del Monte with intentions to make further progress in the province.

The meeting by the president and founder of Foundation FEPAIS was carried out, Marta Lescano, and the secretary and engineer of the foundation, Ernesto Chervin. The program has the support of CEDER, Regional Development Center of the Ministry of Equality and Employment Government of the Province of Córdoba.

Invitation to the presentation of the Community positive program Coexistence

As it regards the province of Buenos Aires, FEPAIS Foundation has invited the 3 Machinist Savio November to the non-profit organization we are Savio. The meeting consisted of a lecture presentation program Positive Community Life about How to consume water quality? in which was attended by community residents. During the meeting, Ernesto Chervin, secretary and engineer of the foundation spoke about the steps that can be implemented in a household to consume drinking water. During the day two craft devices for water purification were flattered.

From left to right: Ernesto Chervin, Foundation secretary and engineer Fepais; Alvarez Bernav, We are founder Savio; Carla Tonella, Foundation executive director FEPAIS, Stella Maris Armatta, General Coordinator of FEPAIS Foundation

We thank the non-profit organization we are Savio for inviting us to meet.

About the program Positive Community Life

The program's goal is to promote awareness, awareness and healthy living education in values ​​through environmental care summoning the Community environmental promoters are active agents in their community. Through a training values ​​and environment, promoters put in place strategies and tools that allow them to diagnose, develop, evaluate and implement together with the residents of the community and with the support and assistance of Foundation FEPAIS, concrete proposals to solve environmental problems local.




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