GENERATE program, with Gender Perspective axis and Coexistence

//GENERATE program, with Gender Perspective axis and Coexistence

About the project:

Aimed at educational organizations, state, Business, embassies, cameras, unions, cooperatives, professional associations, foundations, civil associations, among other organizations, and the community.

General purpose:

Promote awareness, awareness and detection of problems related to gender violence, and the construction of alternatives for positive coexistence.

Specific objectives:

  • Reflect on gender and gender violence, the various ways in which it manifests itself and its relationship to gender stereotypes.
  • Recognize and work through language and behavior in the manifestation of prejudice and negative gender stereotypes.
  • Promote respect for gender diversity awareness and values.
  • Provide social and educational tools to strengthen self-esteem and links.
  • Socio provide screening tools, prevention and peaceful conflict resolution, and construction of cohabitation agreements.
  • Weigh and deliver communication strategies as a central tool for preventing situations of violence and to promote healthy living practices.
  • Build alternatives timely action in cases of gender violence.
  • Awareness regarding the importance of a healthy life without violence to the person himself and for the community.

What does it consist of?

In different recreational dynamics that deal with topics referred to violence of gender Yet the coexistence.

Ludic dynamics consist of:

  • talks
  • triggers
  • Role playing
  • Reflection activities
  • Videos
  • Group dynamics
  • Information workshops

Note that the type of dynamics is implemented according to the age of the public to which the project addresses. As for the duration, three modes are proposed. visualize them on

Some themes on which work:

Gender and sex. Equality and equity. stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination. verbal and nonverbal language. family speeches, media and advertising, personal, others. The values. Cohabitation agreements. Types of gender violence. Strategies for the detection of potentially violent situations in social groups. Intergame status and role: passive or active protagonist. personal and social empowerment: self esteem, personal beliefs scheme, family and social. The context. Assertive communication. peaceful conflict resolution. Strengthening of positive models of living. Building a healthy life (physical, psychological and social).

Foundation FEPA, recognized by
the Supreme Court of Argentina

From an agreement signed with the Supreme Court of Argentina, FEPAIS Foundation has participated in the training in the use of protocol work in workshops on Gender Perspective and workshops on Domestic Violence and it has signed a commitment to replicate the project in order to install themes that enable and prevent domestic violence against women.

The workshops provide materials by the Office of Women of the Supreme Court of Argentina with the support of UN Women, UNICEF, UNFPA, OCR, OPS, OMS y PNUD. This initiative takes as a normative base international conventions such as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (The CEDA) and the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention, punish and eradicate violence against women (Convention of Belém do Pará).

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