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Based on the agreement signed on 2 November 2015 con SOLUTIONS COP21, nuestra organización es reconocida como miembro asociado a la iniciativa.

What is cop21 SOLUTIONS?

As part of the work that France makes calling the twenty-first Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change 2015 (COP21/CMP11), also called "Paris 2015" the 30 November to 11 from December. The other climates network was requested by the cop21 organizers to participate in the international event "Solutions cop21 Paris 2015" to be held 4 Dec. 10 from December, Foundation FEPAIS as choosing South American representative of the network in the event.

This experience is done with the aim of bringing the community the possibilities offered by work on the climate and the impacts of human activity.

It is an open and free exhibition oriented public, offering conferences, recitals, exhibitions and other events linked, looking for concrete solutions to be presented to those who can approach participate in the initiative, generating real impact of integration through this unprecedented action.

What will happen in cop21?

Since 1994, el objetivo los encuentros de la Convención Marco es acercar las posiciones y facilitar la búsqueda de un consenso para mantener el calentamiento global por debajo de los 2ºC. During the meeting in Paris, 156 countries will present their proposals to mitigate the impact of development and adapt their productive matrices.

What do we know about climate change?

There are several tools that can help us understand the scale of the climate challenge.

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