FEPAIS has new Community Environmental Promoters

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The 6 October ended the training project called Community Environmental Promoters Capilla del Monte, Province of Cordoba, launched in April.

Cover photo: Delivery of diplomas of Community Environmental Promoters training in Capilla del Monte.

The project aims to promote awareness, awareness and education of coexistence values ​​for considering environmental care is a fundamental requirement to achieve learning social coexistence, community and ecological. The training consists of workshops that address environmental issues and coexistence in which tools are provided and workspaces are created for detection, gestión e implementación de proyectos medioambientales concretos y sustentables. For that, Training includes the implementation of concrete projects in the local community with the support of Foundation FEPAIS.

Notably, the project is aimed at neighbors, schools, Civil society organizations, Business, among other organizations interested in raising awareness about the importance of environmental care and its link with the practices of coexistence.

FEPAIS congratulates new promoters environmental Community and especially thanks to local authorities, especially, the Secretariat of Environment, the Volunteer Fire Capilla del Monte relented headquarters where they held meetings, Mary Deimundo -professionally dictated part of workshops-, and FEPAIS Foundation team that accompanied the development of projects in addition to having taught part of the training. The members who participated from FEPAIS was composed of Marta Lescano and president -fundadora, Ernesto Chervin -cofundador-, -Director executive Carla Tonella- Stella Maris Armatta and general -Coordinator.

For those interested in training Community Environmental Promoters They may request information from relacionesinstitucionales@fundacionfepais.org.ar and visit our web: www.fundacionfepais.org.ar.

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