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The 11 August, Ernesto Chervin and Marta Lescano -founders of FEPAIS- They were present in Capilla del Monte, Province of Cordoba, lectures workshops for eco-living on the integrated management of municipal solid waste.

Cover photo: Students, management and teachers of Ipem No. 88 the talk training workshop on eco-living.

In the morning, the first discussion workshop called green and inclusive cities: integrated management of urban waste It was aimed at managers, teachers and students of the Provincial Institute of Secondary Education (IPEM) N.° 88, while afternoon, the second talk workshop called Community planning towards integrated management of municipal waste It was aimed at residents of surrounding areas. The second meeting, It was held within the framework of the invitation and call by the local civil association called DeHuNa, Human Development in Nature.

Capilla del Monte neighbors under the invitation to the workshop lecture given by FEPAIS organized by the civil association DeHuNa

The 29 August, Marta Lescano, president of FEPAIS- It has been convened by the organization of civil society represented by Marita R Code Copes, to join the initiative of a series of training workshops for the sustainability of third sector organizations.

The objective is to provide long term civil society organizations management tools towards achieving sustainability. Notably FEPAIS Foundation has been called in 2016 by R Code to participate in the signing of the Agreement 17 of Sustainable Development Goals powered by the Organization of the United Nations in order to build alliances and to join efforts in view of the Agenda 2030.

The workshop series addresses issues linked to social responsibility, sustainability and sustainability, resource development, IPS Cities -Index Progress Social-, the A17 -Partnerships to achieve the Millennium sustainable development-, the long-term management, among other topics of interest.

¡Thank you Code R, especially Marita Cups, for inviting us to be part of the project!

Opening the workshop series

The 20 September, Marta Lescano, president of Foundation FEPAIS and Ambassador of Peace- He was present at the event organized by Thousand Millennia Peace Foundation and UNESCO PEA associated with, in the General Archive of the Nation where he surrendered to the authorities of the various national ministries the Banner of Peace.

Event in the General Archive of the Nation - Delivery of the Peace Flag to the authorities of national ministries.

The event held under the International Day of Peace celebrated each 21 September has been the result of the work done by civil society organizations who promoted the enactment of Law No. 26.819. Thereafter it is officially celebrated every 21 September, the International Day of Peace, an initiative proposed by the UN in 2001. In this regard, the law is in adherence to Resolutions No. 36/67 and No. 55/282 the United Nations General Assembly.

Among the provisions, It was promoted in public buildings belonging to the three branches of national government, the provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, as well as in public and private schools throughout the country, ice is the Banner of Peace.

Peace flag arranged in the front of the Cabildo of Buenos Aires 21 September 2017, International Day of Peace

Foundation FEPA, Embassy of Peace, He was present at the event organized towards promoting peace; a sign of his renewed daily commitment to the promotion of a society without violence.



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    Congratulations Foundation Fe Country! The Universe brings what they sow! Marta Lescano big hug and his faithful collaborators!

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