II International Congress of Coexistence. Education and Society

/II International Congress of Coexistence. Education and Society
II International Congress of Coexistence. Education and Society2016-10-25T11:33:13+00:00


Show good practices and creative solutions in positive coexistence.


Exchange and reflect on positive experiences of school and community life.

Providing a space for holding conferences, panels and participatory workshops.

Convene specialists and education concerning, god bless you, justice, social and cultural organizations,
having to coexistence as one of the objectives of their actions.


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Opening Remarks:
To. Marta Lescano.

To. Marta Lescano - President FOUNDATION FEPAIS.

Inaugural Address

Lic. Gabriel Brener, Undersecretary of equity and quality of education. Ministry of Education's Office.

Social and educational perspective.
The professional development of teachers facing the challenges of education today.

To. Néstor Parishes. Science Education. Tolouse University II, France. Professor at UNSAM, Give me, FLACSO, INFD researcher.

Contributions to build Coexistence at School.

To. Marta Lescano. UBA researcher. Trainer in DGEyC. President Fepais.

Coexistence in schools, current challenges in education: coexistence with respect for diversity.

To. Eloisa Klasse. To. Mental Health. Lic. Psychology. Associate Professor. Department of Medical Education of the Faculty. Medicine. UDELAR. Rep. Oriental del Uruguay.

Myths and stereotypes in education Argentina.

Dr. Alejandro Grimson. Anthropologist, professor at IAA, UNSAM.

Neuroscience and Education.

Lic. Florence Salvarezza. Director of language department, INECO. Favaloro University associate professor. Director of the Institute of Neurosciences and Education, INE, of the Fundacion INECO.

The embrace of Tango. Symbol of coexistence.

Tango Mobile Chair and Diversity, directed by Diego Lopez and Rabbi Sergio Bergman.

Public capacities for development. Leadership and trust.

To. Alicia Williner. Dra in Latin American Societies Study. Ilpesa, CEPAL, ONU, Chile.

Art as a bridge for peace.

Generarte: Sunday Romano and Chacho Garabal, playwright and director in musical theater.

The construction of classroom dialogue. Cooperative work.

Prof. Daniel Gentile. Specialist cooperative work in the classroom, educational adviser. Ministry of Education Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Daniel Stigliano. Teaching supervisor of the City of Buenos Aires. Schools death the Secretary pedagógico. Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Peace Document.

Document Presentation "Together for Peace"

Ambassadors for Peace: Thousand Millennia of peace and coexistence to Peace, The second phase, Peace Action =.


How to teach without teaching them values?

Prof. Norberto Siciliani. Civil Association GIVE VALUE. Educator. Writer. Former teachers and directors; former educational adviser in DGEGP, Ministry of Education CABA. Institutional and Family Educational Consultant.

The language as a vehicle of coexistence. Lexicon discursive strategies for interaction.

Drag. Mabel Giammatteo, Drag. Hilda Albano, (UBA).

Communication and teamwork.

Lic. Maria Cecilia Vergili, Graduated from the Master of Coaching and Organizational Change, UNSAL, Degree in Economics, at Candido Mendes University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lic. Ludmila Perez Vaccaro, Graduated Master of Coaching and Organizational Change, UNSAL. Degree in Labour Relations from the University of Buenos Aires. Lic. Violet Smith, Graduated Master of Coaching and Organizational Change, UNSAL. Degree in Human Resource Management at the University of Belgrano. Coordination: Prof. Mabel Sottano, Professor and Coordinator Communications Public School area. Trade School No. 29 D.E. 07.

Gender mainstreaming in schools.

Lic. Ruth Chackiel. Prof. Silvia Vilches. Concerning Primary Education, authors of textbooks.

Heartbeats literary. Embracing the unit from the word.

Lic. María Irene Giurlani. Educator and writer. Ambassador of Peace. Goodwill ambassador, Executive Board Member, Editorial Board and Management of the United Nations Letters.

Trusted Networks.

Drag. Alicia Williner (Ilpesa, CEPAL, ONU).

Social Networks. Its impact on school life.

Lic. Adriana Callegari (UBA), Lic. Alejandra Rivadulla (UBA). Coordinator: Profesora Mabel Sottano, Professor and Coordinator Communications Public School area. Trade School No. 29 D.E. 07.

Domestic use of technology in the classroom.

Lic. Adriana Callegari (UBA), Lic. Alejandra Rivadulla (UBA). Coordinator: Profesora Mabel Sottano, Professor and Coordinator Communications Public School area. Trade School No. 29 d.e.. 07.


The Art and emotions.

Gonzalo Alvarez. plastic artist. Maestro de-town has, ancient oriental knowledge. Study of changes. *Bio author and coordinator of Project, for the exchange of values ​​and adapting to new social behaviors to live in a world with better quality of life.

Training in school life from the creation of digital stories Literary.

To. Sindy Díaz Better. Professor at the National Pedagogical University. PhD in Education DIE UPN Bogotá. Colombia.

Tools for peaceful conflict resolution and effective communication.

Drag. Graciela Curuchelar. Lawyer. Mediator. Consumer Relations Conciliator in. Forming mediators. By President, Peaceful and participatory processes. Ambassador of Peace.

Coexistence in diversity: a door for inclusive education.

Mariela Galeazzi, Adriana Schnek, Francisco Noziglia, Jimena Noziglia. Art.24 Members of the Group for Inclusive Education.

The importance of health education in the learning process.

Drag. Patricia Ripetta. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Former professor at the National College Buenos Aires. Chairs and Pharmacology Dermatology UBA. Philosophy and Ethics Chair UCES. Specialist Applied Philosophy Study Techniques in USA. The importance of health in the teaching-learning process to optimize performance in the classroom and promote harmonious coexistence with their peers. Coordination by Professor Mabel Sottano, Professor and Coordinator Communications area public school.

The neurodiversity: the new paradigm.

Prof. Dr. Mario Alberto Vestfrid. National University of La Plata (UNLP).

Social representations on the attention to diversity in children's literature.

Miriam Persians de Santamaría. Lic. in Psychology. Capacitadora Virtual Postítulo Políticas Socieducativas. INFD. Lic. Judith Schneider. ETR Special Education Generalist. D.G.C. and E. Capacitadora Virtual Postítulo Políticas Socieducativas. INFD.

Participation, Subjectivity and Construction of Youth Policy.

Martiniano Blestcher. Prof. Philosophy, Lic. Teaching Philosophy, PhD Doctorate in Social Cs National University of Entre Rios. IES, Paraná, UNER and Autonomous University of Entre Rios.

Coexistence educational practices and educational approaches to building a culture of peace.

Master Adriana C. Cicare. Prof. and Researcher of UNR. Lic. Liliana Fernandez de Carranza Saroli. Trainer mode Education in prison inmates, Ministry of Education, Office of Educational Practices coexistence and pedagogical approaches to building a culture of peace.

Implicit theories on the link between teachers and students in 1 school in the city of Corrientes.

To. Laila Daitter. Master of Educational Research, Bachelor of Science in Education. (UCC).

Notes for the construction of a community prosocial leadership disadvantaged backgrounds in Latin America.

Dr. Claudio. Marcelo Prado. Diploma in Social Community Leadership. UNSAM.

Teachers and students, their perspectives on conflicts.

Florencia Brandoni. Isabel Róbalo. Alicia Ruiz. Silvina Carlini. Institute of Conflict. University of Tres de Febrero. UNTREF. Some ideas to promote changes in high school.

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